New Year Make Over

After a little break I’m back and I thought lets get back to where I started. Its a new year and its always a great time to reinvent yourself. As per usual I am going to tell you all it doesn’t cost a fortune to look good! All it will cost you is some time browsing through market place to find the bargins. Here is what I found…..


SHAPE: catys* – kailyn (mod)

SKIN: ^^Swallow^^ Judi 

EYES: Chus!  Poppet Lenses


MAKE UP: Pink Acid – Yogurt Lip Gloss + Lashes + Blush 2 Pack Gift

DRESS: !gO -Marta dress

SHOES: MDL – Cat Flats Red -April’12 Group Gift

PURSE: {Swan} Oh My Bag mint ( store gift)


All these items I found on marketplace for 1L and under. I may not have on all my mesh parts, but I still look pretty cute in that dress!


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