Virtual Insanity


Do you have slink hands but don’t have the Lindens at the moment to grab some pretty nails, well don’t despair Virtual Insanity are having a hunt and a sale! 🙂


• FROM 27th JULY TO 27TH AUG •

Ohai !
Welcome to our summer event @[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] mainstore and nowhere else !
To celebrate my 34th birthday (because when you’re that old, you need to have fun to forget that wrinkles and white hair are starting to take over !) on the 27th august, I planned in secret (uhuh) a little event for ya’ll.
And here it comes !
This is what you get for being awesome at visiting my place !

• A SALE •
50% off every single item, new or older rezzed at the mainstore ! Even what I’ll release from now until the end of the event will be marked down to 50% of its normal price.
Take profit of that to get the older stuff that will end up by disappearing or the newest hot stuff !

• A HUNT •
I rezzed a few lightbulbs around the store. There are 15 for now. I may come up with more during the month (when I’m not gone on holiday). I’ll update this notecard if I do.
Items can be inside the store, outside the store, anywhere in the skybubble. So please, look everywhere. Nothing is outside, though.

FANS GROUP MEMBERS (old or new, so don’t hesitate at subscribing, and I’m talking about the SL group, not the subscriber) will get a new fans group gift ! And guess what ? It’s fit to be worn with the hunt item you’ll get.
So join the fans group or else, if you’re already in the group, just wear your group tag and click the poster. This is for you ! For free ! Ain’t it amazing ?

➤ A FEW RULES ➤ ➤ ➤
Please have the kindness to respect these few rules, those are made for everyone to feel good at hunting & for me to feel that my hunter/customers are respectful to my work.
• Don’t shout or type the objects location (SLURL or “there, next to the table !”).
• Don’t make SLURL notecards and hand it to friends. If I catch anyone using that kind of notecard, he’ll get banned and yeap, I’m serious. I spend time making my stuff, please spend time hunting for it. It may sound harsh but sorry, that’s the way it goes. I hate cheating.
• Don’t try to search the objects by area search, their names are never the same and do not make sense (except for one or two).
• Please be kind to each other.
• Don’t forget to report beggars & copybotted content… Thanks.

➤ ISSUE ? PROBLEM ? ➤ ➤ ➤
Please note that I’ll be on holidays from 1st august to 28th august. I’ll therefore will come online from time to time during the days when I’m not busy travelling. I’ll be in Greece from 14th to 21st august. If you need help, the mail adress to mail to is
You’ll get an answer asap.

Enjoy the hunt & sale !




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