New Round of 25 for 25

25-for-25 June Round Sign

[ free bird ] and Seraphim are proud to present the June Round of the 25-for-25 Event!

The 25-for-25 Event is a monthly promotional opportunity for Designers to release new items to their main store–in a big way!

How it works:

✿ Look for the 25-for-25 Designer Stall at each participating store.

✿ Items will be priced for the Event at 25L to 100L, and may include single items or gachas.

✿ Sales will open on the vendors at 12:01AM SLT on the 25th.

✿ Sales will close on the vendors at 1:00AM SLT on the 26th.

25 stores.
25 hours.
This is an event you won’t want to miss.


Le Poppycock
{NanTra} Poses
Le Primitif
[ free bird ]
Pantsu Hunter
.::Pink Sugah::.
.mien. poses
The {Wicked} Peach
RACK Poses
LaNoir Soleil Designs
Second Rituelle
Nova Nail


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