Kensington Gardens is OPEN!!

I am running so behind due to RL issues, but I didn’t want any one to miss out so here is a quick peek at what is available….

The Co-Op Presents_ Kensington Gardens



HAIR: +Spellbound+ Sunday // Pastels

BODY: Wowmeh

SHAPE: Custom (Made by me)

EARS: [Dolly] Elven Ears (v.1 – v.2) 

PIERCINGS:[Dolly] Piercing Set 1 

HANDS: Slink- Casual

DRESS: M&M Incorporated – Carolyn Gown – Blush Floral (KENSINGTON GARDENS)


MOUTHIE: .ginchi. Tea Time – finger sammich (KENSINGTON GARDENS)

TEACUP: .ginchi. Tea Time – white w/blue bird (KENSINGTON GARDENS)

MAKE-UP: Bella Elephante – Peacock *Girly Eyeliner* 

I’ve popped down and had a good look and the event organisers once again have done a fabulous job of making it look wonderful, but don’t take my word for it get down to Kensington gardens yourself. Have fun shopping guys ox


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