I don’t want to be a ball and chain

If you want to check out a mesh bod, but don’t have the lindens to spend thousands have a look at this post by “shutup, i love that!”

shutup, i love that!

It’s heeere!

THE MESH BODY IS HERE.  Bit & Baby, the two who created the toddleedoo avatar, have finally created an adult version in the “WowMeh” mesh body.

What makes it so great, you might ask?  Well I am going to show you step by step everything about the mesh body so that you can decide for yourself.  (Picture heavy post time!)

Upon purchasing this mesh body, the first thing you’ll note is that the price is only $350L.  This is a steal compared to how many other mesh parts I have purchased for upwards of 2,000L a piece.  Considering each mesh part I have purchased has been 1700 or more, let’s add it up.

Lolas (1st version) 1700
Lolas (pushup) 1700
Lolas (tangos) 1700
Lolas (mirage) 1700
Phat Azz 1700
Cute Azz 1700
*and let’s not forget slink, too*

So over time, roughly I have spent about 10k+ over…

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