Do you like hunts with clues and finding objects? Well Second Life is full of them. Some are small store hunts or just on the one sim, others span across many stores. It’s a fun and exciting way to get more goodies! There is a list at Seraphim of just some of the different hunts that you can do. It’s a good idea to find the page with the list of the stores and hints so that you are wondering for hours trying to find the object. There are some rules when you are hunting. Don’t go posting where the item is it’s a hunt it kinda spoils it when people tell. You also can’t go and ask the staff or owner of the store where it is, number one they aren’t going to tell you and number two, like I said its a hunt 😛

Currently I am checking out the Jack or Jill hunt. It has two paths to follow a male and a female path. It starts at Razor  and there are 50 stores in total. I love a good hunt and this one is going to be good. I will be posting pictures of my new-found goodies as I go. Happy hunting!


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