A new body @ Slink!!

Slink Style

I have just released this sexy, curvylicious body called Hourglass in the Slink Mainstore. This body is not an update to the Slink Physique original, but it uses the same system, so all your appliers will work just as they do with the original Slink Physique body. And yes, it does support Omega.

While I was working on this luscious¬†lady, I received a message from one Blueberryxx who said she really wanted to make a gift to go with it, and how could I refuse such a generous, kind offer?! The lingerie pictured, in 16 gorgeous silky colours, is included in the bag when you purchase the body, and the original Physique body has also been updated to include the lingerie, so if you own it, get a new copy from the redelivery terminal! ūüôā

Phys Large Hourglass

I have updated the Oxford Heels, the Tall Thigh Boots, the One Shoulder Dress…

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The Massive Slink Update is here!

Important news for all those who wear slink!

Slink Style

After around 5 months of work and a lot of hair-pulling, we are finally excited to release the Avatar Enhancement, Physique and Visage Versions 2 in the Slink Mainstore. Ad physique V2Slink - Physique Fitted Mesh Body - Features There is an extensive list of changes, I have posted them below. Please read these update notes carefully. There are some very cool new features to play with, as well as some all over tweaking for function and aesthetic Products that have been updated and are now available:

  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Female Hands
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Hands
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Female Feet (High, Mid and Low)
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Feet
  • Slink Physique Mesh Body
  • Slink Visage Mesh Heads
  • Slink One Shoulder Dress
  • Slink Physique Mesh Bikini

If you own any of these products, please go and  get your free update from the redelivery terminal. New creator kits will be sent out over the coming days.

Now that the technology is…

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Another market place makeover :)

Its after the holidays and everyone has spent there money on holiday cheer and outfits to match. Never fear, all you need is a little bit of time and patience to browse market place and you can find yourself some nice dollarbies or even freebies. I found a complete outfit all while I was relaxing at home ūüôā




SHAPE: catys* Рkailyn (mod)

SKIN: [PF] Harley <Crystal> 

HAIR: [I<3F] Gift Jan 2015 

SHIRT: ::Zup:: Mesh Blouse Meow (MP)

JEANS: Indecision Skinny Jeans Belleza-SLink-Omega Maitreya Appliers.. (MP)

SHOES: * Stelloane Rosa shoes for Slink High feet, gift (MP)

New Year Make Over

After a little break I’m back and I thought lets get back to where I started. Its a new year and its always a great time to reinvent yourself. As per usual I am going to tell you all it doesn’t cost a fortune to look good! All it will cost you is some time browsing through market place to find the bargins. Here is what I found…..


SHAPE: catys* Рkailyn (mod)

SKIN: ^^Swallow^^ Judi 

EYES: Chus!  Poppet Lenses


MAKE UP: Pink Acid РYogurt Lip Gloss + Lashes + Blush 2 Pack Gift

DRESS: !gO -Marta dress

SHOES:¬†MDL – Cat Flats Red -April’12 Group Gift

PURSE: {Swan} Oh My Bag mint ( store gift)


All these items I found on marketplace for 1L and under. I may not have on all my mesh parts, but I still look pretty cute in that dress!

I’m a GEEK!

One of my favourite stores recently had a retirement sale and I just had to go so I could add to my collection hehe. GEEK not only have clothing but they also have unique items such as plushies, horns and even hair. The items are being retired to marketplace where they will only be available in fatpacks. These items are on sale now but only for a short time so hurry!



SHAPE: Papermilk Kawaii Saki RARE 

SKIN: [PinkFuel] Harley  



LIPS: (*ANGELICA) MILKY LIP GACHA #natural (teeth)

SHIRT:¬†[geek.] It’s SO FLUFFY (SourApple) Pak

SKIRT: [geek.] Whisper Me skirt -Fluffer- Pak

SHOES: Baboom-Daisy Wedges-SLINK MID


=geek.= My Vulcan Ears  [Trellium-D]


[geek.] Dinoriffic Stuffy Pak Trex Orange


Princess for a day :)

I’ve been to the Designer Circle today and picked up 9ty’s cute little outfit to go with my new wings and crown, group gifts, from Buttery Toast.

ds 1_001

BODY: Slink

SHAPE: Papermilk Kawaii Saki RARE

SKIN: [PF] Harley <Crystal>

HAIR: *Milk* Hair! Santana *Pastels*

OUTFIT: 9ty- Monday   Blue Heart OutFit (Designer Circle)


WINGS: -Buttery Toast- Flutter Fancy

CROWN: -Buttery Toast- Of course, I’m royalty!

Kawaii VS Creepy

CHAPTER 1 : The beginning of the confrontation
Very long ago, in a colored kingdom called KAWAII where reigned the peace, love and innocence, was born 2 twin sisters within the family royal.

The one with the wisdom and the ease, the other one more reserved and frail.

A few years spent and a black cloud darkens on coloured kingdom causing the died and the destruction.

To protect this felicity against the evil, the kingdom had other choices only to realize a royal rite of Sepulchral Twins aiming to calm the gods !

The 2 sisters were locked into an arena and forced to fight up to the death.

Forced and submitted to the pressure, the fight began.

Most reserved and most fragile both were left for dead woman and buried while her last breath escaped from its body.

The remaining twin had the duty to keep and to protect the kingdom while wearing her heavy burden !

Unfortunately, the dead twin came back in the form of avenging spirit cursing the coloured kingdom and her inhabitants of her creepy world !!!

A war burst !!!

To you to choose your camp !!!

Who both will win ?!



BODY: Slink

SHAPE: Papermilk – mod

SKIN: .EMBW. Doll Lolita Skin (Kawaii VS Creepy)

HAIR: .Olive. the Alice Hair 

LIPS: PICHI РGOTHIC LIPS Ombre [blue] (Kawaii VS Creepy)





BODY: Slink

SHAPE: Papermilk – mod

SKIN: [PF] Harley <Crystal> 

HAIR: +Spellbound+ Sunday // Pastels

MASK: [BOOB-LiSH] Cute Mask #18 (Kawaii VS Creepy)

DRESS: .:AVALE:. Amanda .Kawaii. (Kawaii VS Creepy)

PLUSH: ILAYA my soft toy fox (sand) (Kawaii VS Creepy)

PLUSH: Ariskea { Kawaii Plushie } Fortune Cookie



Yet another store with a free group to join. The items are great and cute as well ūüôā But like I always say don’t let me tell you get on down to 9ty and see for yourself!






SKIN: [PF] Harley <Crystal>

SHAPE: Papermilk Kawaii Saki RARE Рmod

HAIR: Exile::Celebrity Skin Pastels

EYES: {S0NG} :: Anim // Bubble Eye

OUTFIT 1:¬†9ty “Outfit” Group Gift!! ‚̧

OUTFIT 2: Ninety- Doll  Angry Sweater Mesh & Ninety-Oops! Cross White Skirt Mesh

SHOES: 9ty- Heels Gift july  Slink Mid Black

I want CANDY!

The candy fair is still open don’t miss out ūüôā CANDY!


HAIR: pr!tty РKayla Р[Bow Version] 

OUTFIT: *Epic* Ice Cream 2 Piece Dress {Cake} 

SHOES: *Epic* Ice Cream Dorothy Gales {Toffee} 

EARRINGS: [CX] Nyam Earrings (Lime +Black) 

NECKLACE: +Half-Deer+ NEKOlace [Calico]

UMBRELLA: {Mephy~ pink} umbrella .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. 

All of these and more cute items can be found at the Candy Fair!

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